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9 Out of 10 Women Have Never Been Told About This 
'Morning Trigger' That Wakes Up Your Sleeping Metabolism

Hi, We're Ashley & Robert...

When we first met five years ago, we were in our late 40s. From the  very beginning of our relationship, we found out that we both struggled  with the same thing most of our lives --- losing weight. 😥

When I turned 50, I decided to have a big party and invite all my friends from out of town. To prepare for it, we were trying to lose a couple of pounds.   

We hadn’t seen them in a long while and felt extra inclined to look and dress our best for this big event that we planned. I bet you can relate.
But here’s the thing…

It became so difficult for the both of us to get rid of those extra pounds in order to reach our end goal. We really wanted to look our best, but we kept battling with the constant restless nights and late-night cravings. The worst part is that we had all of the junk food that we craved in our house at all times!  

We even tried to exercise in the mornings together, but we lacked the motivation and discipline to actually get it done. It was difficult to motivate Robert because we both had the bad habit of “leaving it for later” and then it would never happen. On top of that, the vicious cycle of succumbing to our late-night cravings with junk food was still happening every night… 

Robert and I both knew that it was time break this detrimental cycle. We would always catch the other sneaking around late at night to grab a snack from the pantry or ice cream from the freezer.

We realized that we both have the same bad habit of caving into our late-night cravings, so we decided that enough was enough. Our never-ending frustration was coming to end – we decided to take action and seriously make a change. 

My 50th birthday was approaching quickly and I just felt constantly worried and scared that I wasn’t taking the right steps to achieve my desired weight loss.

Don’t get me wrong, thinking about seeing my friends from out of town made me feel so happy and excited! But… I would be lying if I didn’t say it also made me feel scared because of what they might think I look like. What if they thought I “let myself go?” 

Luckily, Robert was there to comfort me just like he always does. He said, “Sarah, don’t stress over other people’s judgments of you. Besides, I have a really good feeling about the party and that something will change for us before then!” 

Suddenly, my old friend from college, Maria, was sitting in our living room. I couldn’t believe how incredible she looked! 
I greeted her with a loving smile and hug and told her how amazing she looked. I had to know the secret to her transformation, since she had been struggling with the same issues as Robert and me. 

Maria began to explain how she gained all of her knowledge from Todd Pittman. He’s a renowned expert who earned multiple degrees in civil engineering, human biology, exercise physiology, and nutrition, and has spread his knowledge through his class called Human Performance taught at the University of Florida. It has been taught every semester for several years now at the critically acclaimed and prestigious university.

This one conversation with Maria completely changed my mindset and ultimately, my life. 

She claimed that the most important thing she learned from Todd Pittman was that she needed to make a critical change to her morning routine…. 

Just we were saying our good-byes to our guests after the party, I decided to research more information about Todd Pittman. Ultimately, I decided to take his advice and make the important yet very simple change…  
One week had passed and Robert noticed a change in my body. He immediately sensed that I must’ve listened to Maria’s advice that she told the both of us at the party.

Robert said, “WOW Sarah, you took my breath away! I am so grateful that Maria came to the party and told us about  Todd Pittman. Tell me about what you found in your research about him! 

Robert asked to know absolutely EVERYTHING that I had learned after the party and wanted to know how that one, simple change in my night routine was already showing these results… 
He was astonished that the one change made all the difference in the world and produced the results that we were trying so hard to achieve.

Robert decided to make the change in his own morning routine and he, too, reaped the benefits quickly and saw his own MASSIVE transformation… 

What a blessing it has been for us to have been introduced to Todd Pittman’s easy Morning Trigger...

Todd is going to thoroughly explain the root cause of the struggle with weight loss and reveal how the easy 10 second Morning Trigger can solve this problem. 
…I am astonished that this simple change changed the direction of our lives for the better.

Believe me. We have tried everything under the sun for YEARS and YEARS and nothing was a success for us. We felt like there was no hope…. 

It was only until we began this quick and easy routine before breakfast that we started losing weight and we had newfound energy and faster metabolism similar to when we were in our 20s… Better yet, our sleep quality improved drastically from waking up almost every hour to finally getting consistent sleep.  
I would’ve never thought that this transformation would’ve happened, until I saw that it ACTUALLY did… 
It turns out that the real root cause of having extra weight, premature aging, and disease have nothing to do with the following: 

The Amount of Exercise We Do or How Intense

Depriving Ourselves of Our Favorite Foods

Genetics, Body Type, Or DNA(Things We Can't Change)

How Many Carbs, Protein, and Sugar We Consume

⏰ Why Does This ' 10 Second Morning Trigger' Work? ⏰

How Is This Even Possible?

No need to worry, Todd Pittman is going to give a detailed explanation about the real root cause of everything and how adding the quick, 10 second step in your morning routine will completely solve the problem.
  • Eat Whatever We Wanted
  • ​Restore Our Energy And Actually feel Good
  • ​Not Have To Be So Rigid With Our Exercise Routine
  • ​Feel In Control And let Go Of Our Hopelessness
  • ​Have Undisturbed Sleep For 7-8 Hours Every Night
  • ​Cease Snoring And Eliminate Our Sleep Apnea
  • ​Have More Control Over Our Late-Night Junk Food Cravings
I can certainly say that we have been extra happy these days. More importantly, we know that we don’t have to worry about our diet getting out of control ever again. This transformation has made us so much happier and are overjoyed that it has changed our lives forever. 

That’s why we are promoting to everyone we know to add this 10 second step into their routine every morning so they too can have this jaw-dropping transformation! 

If you still haven’t, do yourself a favor and click below or scroll up to take the survey to see if you qualify to use this groundbreaking 10 second Morning Trigger in your morning routine that changed our lives! 


Ashley & Robert

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